Myth or Fact?

What is myth or fact about your health?

Do you think you know a lot about your health? Every day we hear many Health-related myths that have passed from generation to generation. To help you separate fact from fake, here are the most common myths about health.

1) Fake: Eggs are bad for your heart because they have the highest cholesterol content.

Fact: According to the CDC, eggs are one of the most nutritious and economical foods that nature can offer us. Anyone, even people with heart disease, can eat eggs as it is full of good cholesterol that counteracts the effects of bad cholesterol. So having one egg a day for everyone is a good thing.

2) Fake: Supplements always make you healthier.

Fact: According to studies, vitamin supplements not only may be ineffectual but also dangerous, as they found that taking high doses of vitamins may be linked with an increased risk of cancer. So it’s a better idea to get your vitamins and other nutrients by food, rather than pills.

3) Fake: Cracking Joints Causes Arthritis

Fact: You may think bones or joints rub together to cause the noise, but that’s not so. It results from a gas bubble that forms between the bones and “pops.”  Studies show it doesn’t cause or play a role in arthritis.

4) Fake: Microwaving food destroys its nutritional content.

Fact: Microwaving preserves nutrients because microwaves heat food much more efficiently and quickly, so there is less time for vitamins to break down what saves the same nutrient levels as steamed food.

Lastly: don`t believe all you are hearing or seeing. Researches will reveal all the truth to you. So, why not start searching for what is good for your health?