MEDOC Solutions

Problems facing Doctors and how MEDOC is solving them

1) My front desk is always overcrowded, and people are fighting. My reception space falls short. So, receptionists used to have a tough time, children crying and patients unhappy.



* But now, with MEDOC, patients book online, receive confirmation, and come to see the doctor as they get an approximate time of the visit and the waiting time, saving time for both patients and receptionists.

*How does it work?

1- The patient makes the reservation.
2- The receptionist confirms or reschedules the appointment.
3- Patient scans providers' QR code for self-check-in to confirm arrival
4- The doctor sends E-prescription & E-reports directly to patients App

2) My receptionist used to steal money. If I asked her to collect LE. 200, she used to ask for LE 250 from patients, and she has the extra money, which created mistrust amongst my patients.


Now with MEDOC, that's not an issue anymore. My communication with my patients and reception is seamless, and she knows that I know what's happening outside my office.

How does it work?

* Everything happening on the reception dashboard appears on the doctor's/center's owner screen with an option to send a receipt to the patient's phone to build trust. The medical center can also sign up for the accounting system. It audits the reception and monitors the performance of each doctor and each service.

3) I visit 3/4 clinics daily, and I never know how many patients were waiting for me at the reception.


Now, with MEDOC, I only need to log in to my account to view my schedule & add my available slots with no need to call the receptionist to update me about the number of patients I have to see.

How does it work?

*One Account for All. Doctors can work in different medical centers using a single account. Doctors login into their accounts and see all upcoming appointments and busiest hours in different medical centers