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Prof. Ihab Kadry Merhom MB, BCh, LMCC, MSc, MD (General surgery) FRCS Ed, FRCS Eng, FRCPS(Glas), FRCS (Gen Surg), CCST, FRCS Canada, MIBA Bariatric. Endocrine and Gastrointestinal surgeon. Herniologist & Abdominal wall reconstructive Surgeon. Professor of Surgery at Misr University for Science & Technology Consultant Surgeon at Hiyatt Medical Centre & Italian hospital. Ihab Kadry Merhom is a Professor in Surgery at Misr University for Science & Technology and Consultant Surgeon in private hospitals. Having qualified at Ain Shams University, he completed his Basic surgical training as A resident surgical office at Ain Shams university hospital. He then moved to England and was placed on the specialist register and granted the certificate of completion of specialized training (CCST) after concluding his systematic numbered 6-year higher surgical training and passing the intercollegiate exit exam. During the final years of his training, he developed an interest in minimally invasive and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and did a fellowship in benign upper GI and Bariatric Surgery at Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth, England. Besides General, endocrine, and laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery, he performs the full spectrum of Obesity surgery and has been doing it for the last 23 years. He performed hundreds of procedures with excellent results and witnessed the development of this specialty. Currently, the practice is limited to laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y-en-y gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, and emerging SASI single anastomoses sleeve ileal bypass. All these procedures besides huge experience in gastric balloons. Dr. Ihab has developed an interest in Hernia and abdominal wall reconstructive surgery and worked for more than one year as a practicing surgeon at one of the best hernia Centers in the world, Shouldice Hernia Institute, Toronto, Canada in 2013-14. where he performed 673 inguinal hernia operations, most of them under local Anesthesia with zero recurrences until today, he was directly trained at Shouldice in modern Shouldice technique, complex hernia management and repair, and operative remediation of hernia pain. He is an international expert in open and laparoscopic techniques for complex hernia repair, abdominal wall reconstruction, and Obesity, foregut, and hiatal hernia surgery. He is recognized as one of the eminent leaders in the field through his clinical experience and lectures on hernia repair and chronic pain after hernia surgery. Dr. Merhom is focused on treatment, education, and research for the repair of hernias, advanced minimally invasive techniques for abdominal wall reconstruction and hernia repair, repair of diaphragmatic and hiatal hernias, and surgery for chronic pain, mesh complications, and nerve entrapment. During his Surgical career, Dr. Ihab accepted institutional and departmental leadership roles including the Chief Medical Officer for MUST university hospital, head of the university surgical departments, director of Evidence-based medicine, and total quality management. He also served as a member of the syllabus development and reform committee as well as ethical and stem cell committees. Dr. Ihab is a fully certified, qualified surgeon who completed his master's and medical doctorate degrees at Ain shams university. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Edinburgh, Glasgow. He also completed the UK and Canadian Board for Surgery. He is a National and international lecturer and speaker in the Surgical arena. He is a member of the Canadian obesity network, the international federation for obesity and metabolic disease, the Association of upper gastrointestinal surgeons of England and Ireland, and the Egyptian society of surgical Oncology Surgical services offered by Dr. Ihab: Obesity surgery Hernia surgery & Lap inguinal H Hiatus hernia and Anti-reflux surgery Lap Cardiomyiotomy for achalasia Lap cholecystectomy Lap exploration of CBD Splenectomy open & lap Anal procedures for fistula, piles & fissure +\- laser Pilonidal sinus surgery +/- laser Thyroid & parathyroid surgery Lap & open Adrenal surgery Parotid and submandibular surgery Gastrointestinal cancer surgery Benign & malignant Breast conditions

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