AVC Hyperbaric Center


In 2014 AVC Hospital had created a successful Joint Venture with The Egyptian Company for Hyperbaric services Oxy Care – Egypt to establish the first Hospital-Based, private, HBOT Center of Excellence in Alexandria. The Centre provides the highest quality of comprehensive hyperbaric services through an interdisciplinary team approach. Our team consists of senior hyperbaric medicine consultants, a team of highly trained nurses, hyperbaric technicians, and medical assistants. Our chamber is considered state of the art with its 3 walk-in doors, 8 business class seats, with full audiovisual monitoring and entertainment systems. Vision statement: To deliver the highest quality patient care and best practice hyperbaric services as the leader in Egypt and the Middle East region. Mission Statement: The mission of AVC Hyperbaric Center and its medical staff is to exceed the expectations of all we serve in a warm, compassionate atmosphere, which respects human dignity and patient safety. Core values: Partnership, compassion, transparency, passion, integrity, creativity, empowerment, respect, and stewardship.

**10% discount on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions