Alex Ear Centers


Alex Ear Centers are a series of specialized clinics in the field of Ear, Nose & Throat diseases, and Facial Plastic surgery located across Egypt founded by Prof. Dr A.Rafea Belal in 1948 In 1995 Prof. Dr Aziz Belal founded Alex Ear Hospital, the first specialized Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital in the Middle East Since then Alex Ear Centers spread into 4 centers in Cairo, Alexandria & the North Coast always providing the highest quality of care by using the latest technologies as well as appointing physicians trained in the best hospitals in the world More than 100 ENT surgeons worked, trained and operated in our Centers and we were able to successfully heal more than 500 k patients in the past 70 years Corporate Partnerships: Petroleum Sector: Amreya Petroleum, Petromaint, ELAB, SUMED, ETHYDCO, AMOC, ACPA, Maridive Insurance sector: Med Right, AXA Clubs: Sporting Club, Smouha Club,Palm Hills Club Medical Sector: Lux MediCard Other Sectors: Abu Qir Fertilizers, Egyptian Iron & Steel, Mansour, Alexandria Water Co. , Contra Steel, consultants medical center

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