Do you want help with anything related to your health?

MEDOC's customer service team is working around the clock to serve you and your families. Please call us on 01206756667 for any inquiries or download the App from here http://onelink.to/medoc

What is MEDOC App?

MEDOC App aims to create an ecosystem of technology solutions that helps patients during every step of their healthcare journey- From pre-consultation to post-consultation phase thereby improving the healthcare outcomes.

How to use MEDOC App?

  • Download MEDOC App
  • Fill in your medical history
  • Attach all your medical records to have them anytime anywhere
  • Book an appointment with top doctors at a discounted price 
  • Receive an E-prescription/report directly on your phone 
  • The doctor can refer you to his preferred Lab, radiology center, or pharmacy

Is MEDOC's network of providers growing?

Yes, our network of providers is constantly growing. With more than 400 locations around Egypt today we aim to reach 5000 locations by the end of 2022. We have the right to add or remove any provider from our network without prior notice. 

Why choose MEDOC?

MEDOC is not insurance and it's not meant to substitute Insurance. Members will pay 100% of the value of the service or product received after deducting the discount offered. It's a service that gives you:

  • Up to 30% off Lab Tests, Pharmacies, Scans, and hospitals
  • Store & access your medical records anytime anywhere
  • Online booking & Online Consultation
  • Loyalty Points

Can I continue with the same doctor?

Yes, you can continue with the same doctor if you wish to do so by booking a "follow-up" from the previous visit

Do I have to pay to use MEDOC?

The registration on MEDOC platform and download of MEDOC App is free.

Some providers only accept plastic card memberships for getting discounts on medical services

Is there a Family membership?

Yes, you can access all your family's records anywhere and anytime