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A premium Center of Excellence A specialized Center presents Women Healthcare Services Our services: 1) Specialized clinics: *Early detection clinic & genetic testing. *Breast surgery clinic. *Breast Oncology clinic. *Gynecology Oncology clinic. *Plastic Surgery clinic. *Pre-operative anesthesia clinic. *Diabetes Clinic. *Nutrition Clinic. *Cardiac Assessment Clinic & ECG & Echo. *Physiotherapy clinic. *Mental Wellbeing clinic. 2) Reproductive Health Unit: *Colposcopy unit & pap smear. *Fetal anomaly clinic (4D). *Neonatal ultrasound clinic. *Fertility preservation clinic. 3)Oncology Services: *Weekly MDT. *Chemotherapy day care unit. *Histopathology lab. 4) Women Imaging Services: *Digital mammography. *Ultrasound breast. *Interventional breast Procedures (Trucut Bx, Clip, Wire Loc.) *Ultrasound abdomen. *Ultrasound pelvis. *Ultrasound neck. *Transvaginal Ultrasound. *Arterial & Venous Duplex. *Bone Denisometry (DEXA). *Digital x-ray. 5) Diagnostic Radiology Department: *Mammogram Unit *Reproductive Health Unit *CT Unit